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Helping kids understand the true origins of their food. Mary Maranville founded Students for Eco-Education and Agriculture [SEEAG] in 2008. Even with Ventura County's rich agricultural heritage, children don't make the connection between the acres of farmland around them and the food on their tables. This education program helps make that connection. Providing kids with field trips to local farms brings the message home even further.

SEEAG's Mission is to educate children about the farm origins of their food from field to table while cultivating visceral connections to the surrounding farmland and its contribution to nutritional well being.

SEEAG's Agricultural Education Programs — "The Journey of Our Food From Field to Fork", "The Journey of a Lemon & Ventura County Specialty Crops", and "STEM-based Careers in Agriculture" — is offered to schools throughout Ventura and Los Angeles Counties during the school year. To learn more about our education programs visit the SEEAG.ORG website here.

Contact information:

Please contact us at (805) 901-0213
SEEAG Headquarters is located at:
1629 E. Main Street, Unit D, Ventura CA, 93001
P.O. Box 1461, Ojai CA, 93024

Or contact us online here.

Donations are greatly appreciated.

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