The Regional Ventura County Farm Tour is a self-guided journey through many of the unique agri-tourism destinations that can be found in the Ventura County. Ventura County's beautiful countryside is filled with experiences to fill your senses and connect you with our friendly people and their agricultural roots. Visitors will delight in stunning countryside that is filled with unique agricultural experiences. You can explore berry farms, find out all about the workings of a livestock ranch and shop for ‘fresh and local’ products at the many farms.


  1. Farm tours take place at 11:30 and 1:30. There will be a food truck, games and activities, plus roadside farmstand shopping.


    • Booth 1: Chivas Farmer, Donna will conduct small soap making demos.
    • Booth 2: Animal pen with two small goats.
    • Booth 3: Skin care products available for purchase.
    • Chicken and ducks coop - available for viewing.


  4. Apricot Lane Farms is dedicated to creating a well-balanced ecosystem with rich soils that produce nutritent-dense foods while treating the environment and animals with respect. The property is home to Biodynamc Certified avocado and lemon orchards, over 75 varities of stone fruit, a vegetable garden, pastures, pigs, goats, chickens, ducks, guinea hens, horses, highland cattle, and Maggie, their swiss dairy cow. Registration required. All tours are currently full.


  6. Tour a farm that has a very active education outreach program. Hansen has 4-H youth agricultural literacy programs including farm field trips and classroom outreach serving K-5th-grade students countywide. Additionally, the Center is an approved site for the VC Master Gardener Program.


  8. Come learn about how the agricultural industry helped to attract settlers to Ventura County from around the world beginning in the 1800s. In addition to learning about the history of agriculture within the region, visitors to the museum can also experience exhibits showcasing the machine age artwork by artist Wendell Dowling, the history and evolution of tractors, and the role of aviation in agriculture. Providing essential context, this stop is a wonderful complement to the rest of your Farm Day tour itinerary.


  10. Meet-and-greet 5th-generation farmer Chris Sayer, and learn about the Farm Lab, which is SEEAG's hands-on field trip site located on the farm. See how Petty Ranch grows citrus, avocados, figs, and other speciality fruit.

  11. SOMIS

  12. Come and join us for the Fall Alpaca Festival, which will include food, vendors, raffle prizes, crafts, and more!