The Regional Ventura County Farm Tour is a self-guided journey through many of the unique agri-tourism destinations that can be found in the Ventura County. Ventura County's beautiful countryside is filled with experiences to fill your senses and connect you with our friendly people and their agricultural roots. Visitors will delight in stunning countryside that is filled with unique agricultural experiences. You can explore berry farms, find out all about the workings of a livestock ranch and shop for ‘fresh and local’ products at the many farms.


    • Booth 1: Chivas Farmer, Donna will conduct small soap making demos.
    • Booth 2: Animal pen with two small goats.
    • Booth 3: Skin care products available for purchase.
    • Chicken and ducks coop - available for viewing.

  1. SOMIS

  2. Come and join us for the Fall Alpaca Festival, which will include food, vendors, raffle prizes, crafts, and more!


  4. Learn about beef production, the beef lifecycle, and the advantages, and challenges of raising cattle in Ventura county. See cattle and horses up close, learn about the tools and techniques, both traditional and modern, of todays cowboy.