The Regional Ventura County Farm Tour is a self-guided journey through many of the unique agri-tourism destinations that can be found in the Ventura County. Ventura County's beautiful countryside is filled with experiences to fill your senses and connect you with our friendly people and their agricultural roots. Visitors will delight in stunning countryside that is filled with unique agricultural experiences. You can explore berry farms, find out all about the workings of a livestock ranch and shop for ‘fresh and local’ products at the many farms.


  1. Ojai citrus history, family lore, fresh-squeezed orange juice and tastes of a variety of seasonal citrus fruits. On this special farm day folks will be allowed to squeeze their own cup of juice and taste the way real orange juice should taste. You can learn how we are gearing up for next spring's record breaking Ojai Pixie tangerine crop (valley-wide we plan to harvest over 7 million pound of fruit)! Before you go you can purchase our local honey, fruit and Ojai shirts, cups and hats.

  2. OJAI

  3. Earthtrine Farm is a 12-acre paradise in the Ojai Valley that grows more than 100 different crops throughout the year. They are famous for their culinary herbs, and a wide assortment of greens; including, chard, dandelion, green leaf and kale. Farmer BD will be on site guiding people around the farm, but you are more than welcome to tour the grounds yourself.

  4. PIRU

  5. Meet-and-greet 5th-generation farmer Chris Sayer, and learn about the Farm Lab, which is SEEAG's hands-on field trip site located on the farm. See how Petty Ranch grows citrus, avocados, figs, and other speciality fruit.


  7. Tour a farm that has a very active education outreach program. Hansen has 4-H youth agricultural literacy programs including farm field trips and classroom outreach serving K-5th-grade students countywide. Additionally, the Center is an approved site for the VC Master Gardener Program.


  9. Learn about the life cycle of an avocado and tour the mature groves with California Avocado Commission staff. Tours will be every 30 minutes and offer an inside look at Ventura County's avocado industry.