About Farm Day

How It All Began

The first Farm Day was held in Ventura County in the Fall of 2013 and featured a variety of growers, ranches, and agricultural organizations. It has since grown into a community-wide event, now hosted in two counties, with over 30 participating locations, and more than 6,000 visitors each year! It is a dedicated day for the community to get a hands-on learning experience about our local agricultural industry — FREE of charge!

Farm Day is proudly presented by SEEAG, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that educates students and the greater community about the farm origins of our food and agriculture’s contribution to our nutritional well-being.


Ventura County Farm Day Committee

Maureen McGuire, Ventura County Farm Bureau

Steve Gill, Gills Onions/Rio Farms

Jeff Maulhardt, Oxnard Historic Farm Park

Annemiek Schilder, UCCE Ventura County/HAREC

Celebrating the Lands that Feed Us

Farm Day is proud to feature tours with growers from across Ventura County that celebrate our unique agricultural landscape and rich heritage. We invite you to learn more about the history of one of California's most bountiful regions.
Agricultural History

Become a Supporter

We greatly value support from community members and individuals such as yourself! Every dollar donated goes directly towards providing FREE agricultural education programs for the local community and fostering the next generation of agricultural ambassadors.